An Introduction to Japanese Armour

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An Introduction to Japanese Armour

CODE: R00650

Price: £4.95


This 32 page guide gives a fascinating insight into the traditions and techniques of the Japanese armourer, using many illustrations from original Japanese texts and detailed images of examples from the Royal Armouries collection.

This book goes through the various stages of creation, from the basic construction to the lacquer and lacing of the individual pieces that make up a full suit of Oriental armour.

Something which an armour enthusiast would be particularly interested in is the information relating to the transformation between the historical armour from the 16th century, to that of the 18th century and the introduction of decorative face masks which is something that has come to symbolise this highly unique style of body armour.

Also included, is some suggested ‘Further Reading’ which would be perfect if this introductory guide has sparked your interest in the world of Oriental armour. 

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