The Tower of London Prisoner Book

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The Tower of London Prisoner Book

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This intriguing digest is the work of former Yeoman Warder, Brian A Harrison, who served at the Tower of London for more than 21 years.

The Tower of London has been a source of intrigue and scandal for hundreds of years, from the Princes in the Tower to Elizabeth I being imprisoned by her estranged sister.

This book acts as a log book of all those who have been imprisoned at Her Majesty's Pleasure, and also details the cause and grisly outcome of their imprisonments.

Before his retirement in 1998, the author served as honorary archivist for the Tower and was responsible for producing a number of lists needed to counter many questions raised by tourists.

The most recent listing of prisoners was produced in 1991; but this latest compilation contains numerous personalities of whom none but the author was aware.

Some small measure of this final edition is that, when work began in 1978, the only available list of prisoners gave mention of 1,826 cases; with publication of this volume the figure has been increased to more than 8,000.


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